The power of the public cloud, with the security and control of local clouds.

How does our platform work?

We offer a hybrid cloud that combines the best of both worlds: the power of the public cloud with the security and control of the local cloud. Of course you can always opt to use only Azure Stack or Azure Public. The choice is yours.

What’s in store?  Visit our webstore

Part of our platform is the Cloud Store. Visit the store 24/7 to decide which services to activate. Our billing software keeps track of your usage and generates a clear and transparent overview on your invoice. Our services include platforms, software and infrastructure solutions. You can enjoy the full range of our services and realize your roadmap to the future.

Cloud Platform

Our Azure Stack environments offer numerous connection opportunities. And you will enjoy full anti-DDoS protection.


Azure Stack

Local data on your private or shared Azure Stack.


  • Complete control over your data
  • Shielded infrastructure for your IT environment
  • Data in the Dutch data center of Cassiux
  • Choose between a Hosted Azure Stack or a Private Azure Stack


The best of hosted & public combined.


  • Offers the security of a local data center and the speed of the public cloud
  • Develop apps once and roll them out in Azure and/or Azure Stack
  • You determine where your data is stored


Unlimited possibilities and no payments up front.


  • No investments in hardware, software, monitoring and maintenance
  • Pay-per-use
  • Fast and flexible capacity anytime, easy to scale up or scale down
  • Eliminate the risk of your app, service or website going offline